DUH Administrative Fellowship Testimonials

The Duke Administrative Fellowship was the ideal combination of a structured program with all the requisite resources needed to make this function well along with an unstructured component that allowed for self-directed learning. The program provided great exposure to many different areas of the health system and set the foundation for the network I use today. I would recommend the experience to anyone interested in pursuing administration in academic medical centers.

Carolyn Carpenter, MHA
DUH Administrative Fellow, 1997-1999
Chief Operating Officer, Duke University Hospital 

Having the luxury to look back over time, I can confidently say that the decision to participate in this fellowship is the single most influential decision in my career thus far.  The exposure to so many different areas allowed me to refine further the skill sets that I learned in my graduate program, exposed me to a myriad of leadership styles, and helped me better develop a vision for what I enjoyed doing.  The network that I developed during my fellowship is the same network that I use today, a benefit that has made the transition through different areas of the health system a little bit easier.  The mentoring I received helped me reflect on who I was as a leader and targeted the weak areas that needed to be addressed before I could be successful.  I owe much to the fellowship program and am thankful for the opportunities it afforded me and the doors it opened.

Carey Unger, MHA
DUH Administrative Fellow, 2004-2006
Associate Vice President, Neurosciences and Behavioral Health
Duke University Health System

The value of a fellowship, whether at Duke University Hospital or elsewhere, is the opportunity to be mentored by leaders in all facets of health care, including physicians, nurses, administrators, and literally all staff of the organization.  This mentorship derives from the relationships that are built through project work and scheduled rotations but is also formed through working side-by-side with the people who truly make the hospital function every day.  The result at Duke University Hospital is a fellowship program that provides not only rigor to project work and executive presentations but also to the finite details of hospital operations.  It is the understanding of those details that helps health care leaders to be successful.

Sean W. Sondej, MHA
DUH Administrative Fellow, 2003-2005
Associate Vice President, Heart and Vascular Services
Duke University Health System

The Administrative Fellowship Program at Duke University Hospital provides a valuable learning and development opportunity for aspiring administrators.  The chance to practically apply content learned in graduate school, build relationships across Duke University Health System, and sharpen knowledge, skills, and abilities (including those that cannot be taught in a classroom) in an academic medical center all make this program one that facilitates the discovery, development, and delivery of tomorrow’s leaders.

Brian M. Wofford, MHA, MBA
DUH Administrative Fellow, 2010-2012
Vice President, Medical, Surgical, and Critical Care Services
Duke University Hospital

The DUH Administrative Fellowship provides an excellent opportunity to enhance graduate school education with practical experience in a world-class academic medical center setting. Through the fellowship, I built lifelong friendships, worked on challenging projects, and grew both personally and professionally. Though it was one of the most challenging experiences of my life, it was also one of the most rewarding—fully preparing me for a successful career in health care administration.

Jessica Melton, MHA
DUH Administrative Fellow, 2007-2009
Vice President, Emergency Services and Patient Flow
Duke University Hospital

The DUH Administrative Fellowship is an exceptional opportunity for professional growth and development in an academic medical center.   The fellowship provides a comprehensive structure to maximize mentorship, develop core competencies, and expose fellows to academic medical center operations and strategy.  The level of commitment within the organization to mentor and develop fellows is exceptional.  The fellowship, and more importantly the people surrounding the fellowship, prepared me well to step into a leadership role.  I highly recommend the DUH fellowship and consider it one of the most influential experiences in my career.

Bryan Mallory, MHA
DUH Administrative Fellow, 2009-2011
Administrator, Clinic Operations - Gastroenterology, ASC Endoscopy, and ASC Urology
Emory Healthcare, Atlanta, GA

The DUH Administrative Fellowship was the perfect bridge between graduate school and the professional world.  The fellowship afforded me an opportunity to learn in a safe environment and to be mentored by experienced and well respected healthcare leaders.  Through these interactions, I was able to grow the skills learned in school and apply them to meaningful projects that helped support the mission of the organization.  By working closely with others, I developed professional relationships and friendships that will last a life time.  I am grateful for the Duke Fellowship experience because it helped define me as a leader and shaped the beginning of my career.

Kyle W. Dorsey, MHA
DUH Administrative Fellow, 2009-2011
Assistant Administrator – Clinical and Support Services
Baptist Medical Center, Jacksonville, FL

Through the Duke University Hospital Administrative Fellowship Program, fellows are afforded the unique opportunity of being integrated with, and mentored by, health care executives in a top academic medical center. This exposure not only enhances one’s understanding of concepts learned in graduate studies or through previous work but provides fellows an experiential learning platform from which to build upon for a career in the health care industry. I continue to benefit from the fellowship and am forever grateful to those who have helped shape my career in the process.

Jeff Langdon, MHA
DUH Administrative Fellow, 2007-2009
Vice President, Women’s and Children’s Services
Duke University Hospital